K12 360° Commitment to Interoperability Continues with a Pledge to Project Unicorn

K12 360°, a leading Educational Intelligence and Analytics solution provider, has signed the Project Unicorn Vendor Pledge to continue its commitment to meet the demand for interoperability, promote high standards for educational data integration, and maximize the potential of the digital systems and resources schools use in the classroom.  

Project Unicorn, a group of educators and organizations that advocates for interoperability within K-12 education, provides interoperability guidance and standards to schools, districts, and EdTech companies. Project Unicorn recognizes that districts and schools are facing massive data interoperability challenges. It is important that educators have the right information at the right time to do their jobs and to enable innovation in classroom practices for student success.

At Innive, the K12 360° team is passionate about helping every student succeed. Our end-to-end data and analytic solutions allow districts to aggregate, store and understand data. This approach ensures that districts have access to their data in a single, secure platform, giving teachers a complete view of student progress and driving evidence-based learning decisions. K12 360° solutions provide deep insight into student engagement and performance, leveraging advanced ML to improve learning outcomes in a secure, scalable, and effective way.

By signing the Project Unicorn Vendor Pledge, Innive’s K12 360° commits to increase secure access, privacy, and interoperability in our products and empower customers, educators and families to achieve an enhanced level of engagement in their students’ education to improve the impact of educational data and to inform teaching and learning practices for stronger student outcomes.

“We are delighted to sign the Project Unicorn Pledge and partner with Project Unicorn. Through the partnership, Innive will continue and enhance its commitment to interoperability and have increased focus to improve our solutions and services for both districts and the larger community.”

Bhuwan Thakur, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Sales at Innive.


Innive believes in empowering organizations by providing insight that goes beyond the data. Innive K12 360⁰ solutions aggregate and harmonize data from various district systems and transform them into clear and concise analysis that education leaders can access on-demand via user-friendly, intuitive visualizations. Designed with educators and students in mind, the solution’s actionable insights are tied to resource and intervention recommendations, enabling real-time continued improvement and student success.