December brings an exciting announcement for everyone at EdFi Alliance, Google Cloud and Innive. The availability of Ed-Fi ODS/API on .NET Core marks an achievement toward interoperability in education — making Ed-Fi ODS/API truly cloud-native. Bringing school districts the combined benefits of EdFi ODS/API, Google Cloud and Innive is an essential milestone towards modern analytics in education.

The pandemic has forced the educational industry to focus on the importance of analytics. Districts have had to learn to adjust—often with no time to plan—as the situation continues to evolve. Everyone, from Superintendents to teachers to support staff, showed incredible determination and innovation as they navigate through multiple challenges.

The most resilient districts all have one thing in common:
leveraging data and analytics.

Now, more than ever, districts must harness the power of analytics. While schools have been gradually shifting to technology powered by the cloud, the pandemic has expedited the transition exponentially. In coming years, adoption of the cloud will skyrocket in K12, with districts investing in data solutions and cloud data warehouses truly going mainstream. The Cloud Platform will bring speed and scale to education data while making it affordable.

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Despite this acceleration, more change is needed. To truly pull real value from these cloud platforms, districts need more than traditional analytics. With the education environment in such turmoil, schools need flexible, agile, and granular insights in their reports and dashboards. 

Innive, Ed-Fi and Google Cloud work together seamlessly, offering districts an easy transition to modern analytics and the cloud. The Ed-Fi .Net Core version, combined with the Innive/Google cloud-native analytics platform, gives districts the ability to deploy, aggregate, transform and analyze their ED-Fi data directly in Google Cloud. Combined with the launch of K12 360⁰ Data Interoperability Solution, districts can now take advantage of Ed-Fi and the Google Cloud Platform. In addition, the solution offers comprehensive integration with Google Workspace and Classroom and the use of native reporting tools like Google Data Studio.

As the education industry reacts to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s critical that Districts are getting the most value from their data. To learn more about modern analytics in school districts, email

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