As a leading K12 analytics provider, Innive’s K12 360° solutions strive to empower educators through innovation to improve student outcomes.

Our mission is to provide educators with comprehensive whole child, whole school, and whole district actionable insight so that they can help their students thrive.

Whole-Child Support * Customized Education  Technology Agnostic * Data-driven * Actionable Insight  * ASCD Initiative * Empowerment through Innovation

About Us:

The K12 360° team at Innive Inc. is a group of passionate educators, technologists, and data scientists dedicated to helping school districts harness the power of data to help their students and staff thrive. We build our solutions hand-in-hand with school districts across the United States to ensure that every story and every visualization is exactly what educators need to make informed decisions and take action.

Meet the Team

Gautham Sampath

CEO at Innive Inc.

Ram Subramanian

Co-Founder and COO at Innive Inc.

Stewart Bryson

CEO of Red Pill Analytics, an Innive company. CTO of Innive.

Shahryar Khazei

Executive VP, Education, Innive

John Parker

VP of Data Science and Research at Innive

Bhuwan Thakur

Director, Customer Engagements, Innive Inc

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