Visual Data Story and Public Dataset

Now available! View the visual data story and public dataset created by Innive for the CoSN Home Connectivity Study. Visualize the data and download complete de-identified network and meeting log data from the 13 districts participating in study. 

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Why is internet access so important to education?

Increased Need

Enhanced K-12 technology requires significantly more bandwidth than text-based applications

Equitable Access

Remove barriers to learning by providing equal access technology and information for all students

Support Learning

Students learn best with multiple modalities, such as visual media via video

Fast, Reliable Internet Access is Necessary for Student Learning


Reliable, strong internet connections are essential for remote learning but increased bandwidth needs are placing significant stress on schools and home internet connections.

  • Use Video Conferencing Software to teach remote classes
  • Create assignments using video clips to save time and promote understanding
  • Use third-party digital learning tools as learning aids for students
  • Provide constructive feedback to students using video clips attached to assignments
  • Take online classes that almost always use video conferencing software for instruction and 
  • Use video in their learning management systems to ask questions and receive answers from teachers
  • Collaborate with other students on group products using video meeting software
  • Remote Conferencing: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, etc.
  • Third-Party digital learning resources: Khan Academy, PBS, Discovery,
  • Schools use Virtual Programs to provide students with a learning platform out of the classroom

K12 360° Home Connectivity Resources

We’ve compiled some additional content to support you with resources to help address Home Connectivity issues. Follow the links below to explore and troubleshoot slow internet connections.