Enrollment Analytics

Analyze data like Enrollment Trends across various dimensions to remain competitive.

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Hybrid Learning

Analytics for all learning models: Remote, Blended, and In-Class Learning.

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Attendance Analytics

Proactive solutions for schools facing attendance challenges.

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Enrollment Analytics

Schools are facing fierce competition and declining enrollment. The answer? Data-driven Enrollment management. Stay ahead of the curve with:

  • Enrollment tracking
  • Adaptive learning
  • Informed student advising


Hybrid Learning

Innive’s K12 360° Hybrid Learning Module includes a comprehensive set of analytics for all types of learning:

    • Flexible schedules with In-class & Remote Learning
    • Synchronous & Asynchronous Remote Learning 
    • Blended learning with student groups
    • Flexible Learning models
    • Individualized learning models

Track and identify key metrics for timely action:

    • Attendance rates
    • Remote Learning Engagement levels 
    • Low and chronic absences 
    • Students with a high risk of chronic absences
    • Notifications to teachers, students, and parents


Attendance Analytics

Attendance is a critical factor influencing student achievement, and is even more crucial for hybrid learning models. Attendance Analytics provides a comprehensive solution to these challenges by:

  • Tracking remote learning attendance from various sources – single sign-on, application login, network logs, and meeting participation.
  • Consolidating in-class, synchronous and asynchronous remote sessions, self-study and other models to gain a holistic view of attendance.

Benefits of K12 360° Analytics

In-depth visibility so that school and district leaders can quickly answer critical enrollment questions and take steps to address student and family concerns during each step of enrollment.

Our Learning analytic solution helps educators perform better. With feedback and insight, educators can take action immediately in order to provide a richer, more informed learning experience.

Monitor student engagement and progress and identify interventions with integrated data from sources like learning management systems, assessments, and online instruction.

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