Screenshot of the District Scorecard in the Learning Acceleration System. Indicators are organized into five different areas: Academic Skills, Content Knowledge, Student Engagement, Social Emotional Learning, College Career Readiness.

Measure student learning using district-defined indicators.*


  • Gather Complete Student Learning Data - The challenge of fragmented data in various sources is solved by the ability to integrate any student data sets, including assessments, academic achievement, social-emotional learning, and more. 
  • Track What Matters Most - Configure the scorecard success indicators that matter most to the district and view the indicators in five different categories:
    • Academic Skills
    • Content Knowledge
    • Social Emotional Learning
    • Student Engagement
    • College, Career, and Life Readiness
  • Track Individual Student Performance - Use the Student Scorecard to quickly identify trends and whether the student is receiving the appropriate interventions and supports
GIF showing the Student Scorecard in the Learning Acceleration System. The user clicks Academic Skills, then Growth Comparison. Colored boxes appear representing the individual student's performance in comparison to their cohort.

Compare individual student growth with that of their cohorts or other student populations.*


  • Aggregate Data - Measure and report progress by student, by class, by grade level, by campus, by district and/or by region
  • Monitor Growth - Use the Student Growth Matrix to monitor and analyze performance over time on selected indicators
  • Predictions - Predict student performance based on instruction, interventions, supports, engagement, and culture
Screenshot showing an Acceleration Plan for an individual student

Develop individualized student goals and track performance using student acceleration plans.*


  • Plan for Academic Success - Educators have the ability to create individualized student acceleration plans that include interventions, supports, and enrichment opportunities 
  • Monitor Student Progress - Monitor student performance in relevant indicators related to the student’s individual acceleration plan
  • Collaboration and Common Understanding - All users (educators, administrators, etc.) see the same plan and performance details
GIF showing a District Scorecard Growth Matrix and comparisons to grade level standards.

Always have the data you need for professional development and continuous process improvement.*


  • All MTSS Data in One Place - Combine assessment data with other data sources to see what is working for students and identify areas of greatest need
  • Informed Continuous Improvement - Support the continuous improvement of school performance as well as program and teacher efficacy
  • Continuously Increase Educator Knowledge - Use aggregate data in Professional Development settings to continuously provide high quality instruction and intervention

* All screenshots are illustrative examples. Your Learning Acceleration System will be shaped to fit your needs, so it will look a little different.

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