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Los Angeles Launches Consolidated Student Data System

The Superintendent of Los Angeles Unified School District announced a new system designed to consolidate student data into one easy-to-use database. Consolidating student data from the 2nd largest school district in the country is not easy. Currently, the data from 600,000 students are scattered across 80 platforms. The upgrade, called the “Whole Child Integrated Platform” promises to provide teachers and staff with a one-stop source of information. The program will pilot in three districts and will expand and adapt to the changing needs of the education system.

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LAUSD Announces New Platform for Student Data

Los Angeles Unified School District announces the “Whole Child Integrated Data Platform,” a new system intended to consolidate the information of over 600,000 students. Originally, LAUSD stored information across 80 data platforms, making accessibility slow and difficult. The “Whole Child” initiative consolidates into a single platform, making it easy for teachers and staff to quickly get the information they need. The new system will be piloted at three schools before expanding to the entire district.

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Innive Steps Up for STEM

Innive invests in STEM programs at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Baltimore, ensuring access to science and technology programs across four Baltimore locations. In addition to a 65-inch $10,000 Touch Screen, kids will be provided with life-changing opportunities in subjects like coding, robotics, math, drone building, and career exploration.

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