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Educational Technology

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Student Achievement Outcomes

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At-a-Glance Tracker

Track it all from one screen. Access our easy-to-use tracker to see device distribution, student logins, inactive students, digital asset usage, and teacher engagement. With the ability to drill-down to district, school, and student level, it’s all accessible within a few clicks.


People and devices

Track the technology needs of students and staff. We make it easy to track the distribution and availability of computers and tablets, Wi-fi and MiFi/hotspot devices, bandwidth—allowing districts and schools to evaluate distribution plans and equity coverage.


Usage Analysis

Track all educational resources. View by district, school or teacher usage, and easily check on the usage of each resource.
Evaluate resources like:

  • Gizmos
  • Khan Academy
  • Blackboard
  • Audible

View usage analysis, how you want to see it. Track metrics to understand the usage levels, patterns and details among students, staff, households and school administrators. Analyze by student groups, time trends and map the analysis geo-spatially. View key metrics like:

  • Number of students not logged in
  • Number of households logged in


Student Progress

Identify the achievement and progress of each class, tracking connectivity, engagement, usage, assignment submissions, literacy achievement, including comparison of performance across time periods to identify gaps or improvements.

No matter what your role is, K12 360° Remote Learning can help.

District Leaders

How well is my district adapting to online learning? Track trends, application usage, technological needs, and support staff.


Are my students getting their needs met? Track student progress and provide guidance to students when they need it.


Are my students and staff getting the support they need? Track and monitor individual and school-wide progress


How is my classroom doing? Monitor individual student progress, classroom activities, and usage of online resources.

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