K12 360°’s Remote Learning Management Dashboard helps support teachers, staff, and students as they transition to education at home.

Introducing the Remote Learning Management Dashboard, built to help schools understand the technology needed for distance learning, assess what is available and what is needed, measure usage, and assess effectiveness of the program by measuring student outcomes.

The dashboard is available as a cloud service with data integrated from your learning management systems, digital textbook vendors, student information systems and others. The system supports single-sign-on and role-based access needs.

This module is free to school districts through June 2020 to help manage the impact of COVID-19.


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How Does K12 360° Support Remote Learning?

Innive Inc is offering the Remote Learning Management Dashboard, a module of K12 360° that gives teachers, principals, and district leaders a complete picture of remote learning.



Technology Needs Assessment

Using carefully-crafted surveys combined with data from your student information system, determine technology and Internet needs of your students and teachers, as well as availability.

Classroom Learning Support

Monitor student usage of your learning management system, digital content providers, and assessment vendors.

Network Traffic Analysis

Analyze application usage and mine network/security logs to monitor student and teacher usage of various district-used applications and track trends over time.

Student Achievement Outcomes

Monitor student progress and identify interventions where needed with integrated data from your learning management system, assessments, digital content, online instruction, and surveys.

How can K12 360° Remote Learning help my team?

District Leaders

How well is my district adapting to online learning? Track trends, application usage, technological needs, and support staff.


Are my students getting their needs met? Track student progress and provide guidance to students when they need it.


Are my students and staff getting the support they need? Track and monitor individual and school-wide progress


How is my classroom doing? Monitor individual student progress, classroom activities, and usage of online resources.

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