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The Rochester City School District had a well-used but overburdened data warehouse and data reporting tool. Innive’s K12 360° solution offered a fast and seamless integration with their existing data systems. Within a few months, they had successfully implemented a superintendent’s dashboard, principal’s dashboard, and an open-data dashboard resulting in a dynamic, user-friendly tool capable of providing all district educators with their student data and valuable insight.

Case Study


After years of time-consuming work pulling student data for PDF reports, Clay County District Schools (Clay County) realized they needed a full-featured dashboard to meet the district’s growing data needs. Purchasing K12 360˚ by Innive has allowed Clay County to rapidly implement a dynamic, user-driven solution that gives district staff robust and flexible reporting at their fingertips and frees up the district’s information technology personnel to provide support to the district in other more valuable ways.



Convinced that your school district needs integrated data dashboards but not sure how to get the funding and buy-in from your leadership? Get some guidance in our free PDF download. Learn step-by-step how to build a Business Case for Investing in an Integrated Data Initiative.

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A Primer Guideline to Interoperability

Not sure how to incorporate K12 360 into your district? Interoperability can help. We’ve explained the concept and answered your questions in this easy-to-understand primer.

Here’s what it covers:

– What interoperability means
– Why it’s important
– Where to access resources
– How to get started

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