School District 360° is a suite of interactive dashboards that enable school district executive leadership to track district and individual school performance across a variety of instructional, financial, and operational metrics and determine whether investments in strategic programs are moving the needle in student achievement.

Customizable to Your District’s Needs

Each of our School District 360° dashboards integrates a wide area of subjects based on your district’s needs. These can include attendance, academic performance, enrollment, graduation progress, college and career readiness, behavior, HR, finance, strategic goals, state benchmarking, and more.

Intuitive and Easy to Use

Our interactive data visualizations provide easy to understand stories and drilldown capabilities.

Technology Agnostic

We can integrate with your district’s data lake/hub/warehouse, business intelligence tools, student information system, ERP, and more, no matter what technology you are using.

K12 360° Features

  • Prebuilt K-12 data models with standard compliance (EDFI, CEDS)
  • Prebuilt dashboards and analytics - connect your data and you’re ready to go
  • Mobile ready
  • Cloud hosted
  • Refresh your data real-time, nightly, or on your schedule
  • Modular design allows implementation at your pace
  • Turnkey – implement your first module within 60 days

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