Insights into district goals and accountability metrics to improve resilience

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Foundational Classroom Analytics to improve student engagement and learning

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Pre-built KPIs for improved decision making and efficient district operations

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Comprehensive insight to guide schools to better learning and teaching

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Insights to remove individual and systemic barriers for student development

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District, School, & Student Insight


Provides an overview of the district against critical metrics to track and understand district progress, identify opportunities for expansion, and see where improvements are needed. The solution can be configured to align with district strategic goals – a blend of state-reported data and customized measures and most importantly, present KPIs that directly measure the district’s success.

Comprehensive insight into student engagement data, with key metrics and KPIs across all five categories of the ASCD Whole Child Initiative: Healthy, Safe, Engaged, Supported, and Challenged, to help unlock smarter decision-making and targeted action where it counts.

Comprehensive insights at school and district level insights to drive classroom success and operational efficiencies, with ability to roll-up information by network, location, or administrative aggregations.

Track district goals and progress of your strategic plans, measured with a clear set of metrics and KPIs. Follow each step of your strategy, including details like investment, coverage, and impact.

Measure performance of districts with KPIs to facilitate focused action. Identify areas of strength and pinpoint what areas need improvement.

Easily view district details with a geospatial perspective, using shapes, points, identifiers, and colors, with layers of both internal and public data.

Foundational Analytics

Administrators/Central Office

An in-depth look into enrollment and trends, focusing on target student groups, withdrawal & drop-outs, transfers, conversion rates, and other key information.

Tracking of all key metrics and compliance factors, identifying areas requiring work, as well as upcoming schedules to remain compliant. Provides KPIs and performance measures to understand and manage SPED programs effectively.

Tracking of individual IEP, service requirements and school-level services, allowing for effective and efficient support of SPED students.

Visualizations to track referrals, interventions, and other details, categorized based on severity, reasons & other conditions. With trend analysis and an overview of safety and climate of schools or districts.

Lead with Data-Driven Decisions


Configurable views with various widgets that cover school, staff, students, facilities, and other areas with user-level personalizations, allowing principles to drive classroom success and operational efficiencies.

Provides configurable rule-driven alerts and notifications and tracks conditions that are critical to principal & school management roles. Ability to define personal actions and track schedules for effective task management.

Comprehensive insights leveraging configurable KPIs (relevant to elementary, middle or high schools) of both school & student performance, from primarily three perspectives: proficiency, progress, and risk—with ability to drill down to student level.

Integrated state and district level assessments into one comprehensive set of visualizations, with the ability to track student progress over the years and drill down to individual student views.

Encourage collaboration between teachers and staff, allowing the authorized user to review details and share analytics for effective collaboration.

Smart Classrooms for Educators


Configurable views with various widgets that cover school, course, schedule, professional development, and other areas with user-level personalizations, allowing teachers to drive classroom success.

Configurable rule-driven alerts and notifications to tracking conditions that are critical for teachers. Ability to define personal actions and track schedules for effective task management.

A summary view of all the courses handled by the teacher and details of each course, including schedules, assignments, course details, discussions, grade distribution and key notifications. 

Track the metrics related to each class or course, organized by the five tenets of Whole Child.  Provides a summary view of each class and the ability to drill down to a specific group of students using the Student Monitoring View.

Data panels provide an integrated view, driven by Whole Child principles so teachers understand all aspects of students as they monitor for specific KPI measurements.

Integrated assessments in one comprehensive set of visualization pages. Track yearly progress of students and drill down to individuals and gain an in-depth view of performance to address individual needs.

Every Student Matters


Configurable visualizations with widgets that cover students, courses, schedules, and more. We support user-level personalizations relevant to  type of counselors and student support teams.

Classroom & student rule-driven alerts, with the ability to push notifications to visualizations & mobile.  With user-friendly screens, users can define and manage their actions. Track schedules, calendars, and more for time & task management.

Allows counselors define their custom roster of students and gain a group view of performance. Drill down to each group— based on any KPI— and use the Student Monitoring view to review individual students.

Track details of all programs run by the school—Special Education, English Learners, and more—to identify metrics specific to the program as well as student performance.

Additional Benefits of K12 360° Vantage

We provide a Whole Child view of individual students, aggregating information into a single screen, with the ability to view a single student with one click. Users get a comprehensive picture of the student to gain a deeper understanding of background, performance, and other pertinent details.

  • Widget-Based Reporting: Users have the flexibility to personalize their visualizations by adding widgets. Our widgets capture a wide range of analytical areas; we support widgets that are charts, tiles, lists, tables, and other visualizations.
  • Template-Based Reporting: We have created a set of powerful, flexible templates that meet most of the ad-hoc requirements of business users; this will complement Widget-based reporting.
  • User Management – Define users, roles, role assignment, data and object security rules, and other user management related tasks. 
  • Data & Application Management – Administration screens to define data elements, metadata, configuration items, and other application management items.
  • Usage Analytics – Detailed usage analytics analyzed by user groups, individual users, analytics, analytical pages, and other details to understand usage patterns and address areas of low usage or adoption.

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